February 2020 Calendar

February 2020 calendar template

Things to Know in February 2020 Calendar

February 2020 calendar will help you to manage your day during the second month in the year. February is also the shortest month of the whole year. Since 2020 is the leap year, there will be 29 days in February.

The name of February was inspired by the purification festival in the Roman culture called Februalia. February is the last month in summer season for those who live in the southern hemisphere while it is the third month of winter in the northern hemisphere. Meanwhile, February is the last month in the Roman calendar and this is what you need to know about February 2020 calendar.

President’s Day on February 17th 

President’s Day is commonly celebrated on the third Monday of February while this is a traditional holiday. It was originally the birthday of President George Washington. Nowadays, it is celebrated for all presidents in America. 

This holiday is very popular among employees considering they will get a 3-day holiday. Marking your monthly calendar 2020 with activities you make with friends and family would be great though.

February calendar printable

National Wear Red Day on February 7th 

This date is a way to show awareness of heart disease. Commonly, it is celebrated on the first Friday of the month. Everyone who supports this movement should wear red clothes. You can simply mark your monthly calendar so you will not be forgetting about wearing red clothes. Some public areas are commonly filled with stands.

February 2020 calendar template

Valentine’s Day in February 14th 

Originally, Valentine’s Day was a feast day for Western Christian considering this is the birthday of Saint Valentinus. Today, almost all parts of the world celebrate this day as the most romantic day throughout the year. 

Valentine’s Day is not a federal holiday but it is very popular though. You will expect many people to give roses for free on the street, couples spend their times with romantic dinner, and so on. If you want to give a surprise for your loved one on this date, you should have your monthly calendar. Do not forget to mark the date so you can prepare it prior.

February 2020 calendar with holidays

The History of February

Originally, February was set at 23 days but it got changed when Julius Caesar rearranged the calendar. This is why the month has 28 days and 29 days in a leap year or every four years. Those who were born on February 29th will only celebrate their birthday every four years too. Prepare your February 2020 calendar from now.