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Things to Know in March 2020

March 2020 calendar printable version is available to download. Having a calendar is essential because it helps you to keep your daily life on track. No matter what your career is, whether it is a career lady or student, a calendar helps you to manage anything you should do per day in the month.

Some people prefer to set their March 2020 calendar on their phones. Of course, it is such an advantage if you work with your phone a lot. Also, you can set a reminder as well.

However, some people still choose the old-school style like having a paper calendar. The main advantage of a paper calendar is that you can check your schedule at a glance. You can write your activities on each date, highlight it with your marker, and so on. Here are things you need to know about this monthly calendar 2020.

Employee Appreciation Day on March 6th 

Employee Appreciation Day is not an official holiday in a company. However, employers will show appreciation to all employees for their hard work and effort for the organization or company. You may expect some fun activities at work. Some activities will make your day. Do not forget to mark this date after all.

St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th 

This day is where people across the world do cultural and traditional celebration. St. Patrick is the patron Saint of Ireland and the celebrations would be fun even in the USA. Of course, it is not an official holiday in the states but you may expect people to wear green clothes everywhere. 

Celebrating this day with friends would be very fun or you can be mingling with other people out there. So, you need to mark this date so you would not miss the fun celebration.

March 2020 calendar printable

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March 2020 calendar with holidays

National Vietnam War Veterans Day on March 29th 

This date is when people show their appreciation for veterans of the Vietnam War. However, it is not the Veterans Day after all. The celebration was beginning to be celebrated in 2012 after Barack Obama claimed the day as National Vietnam War Veterans Day. Having a monthly calendar will allow you to mark the date easily so you will not skip the celebration later.

According to Roman history, March was named after Mars, Roman’s god of war. Until 1752, Britain still counted March as the beginning of the year. And this is anything you need to know about March 2020 calendar.