April 2020 Calendar

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Things to Know in April 2020 Calendar

April 2020 calendar will help you to manage and organize your schedule from now. According to the Julian calendar, April is the 5th month while Gregorian calendar stated that it is the fourth month. Some parts in the southern hemisphere will be covered with the autumn season this month. On the other hand, spring is starting in some parts of the Northern Hemisphere.

April 2020 calendar will help you remember the season easily. Do not forget to write down some important details too. The good news is that the blank calendar is available and can be downloaded for free. Here are things you need to know in April 2020.

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National Tartan Day on April 6th 

Scottish American people always celebrate National Tartan Day on April 6th. It is the celebration for their achievement in the states. Today, there are more than 6.5 million Scottish American people live in the USA. 

In this day, people will celebrate by playing traditional Scottish instruments. If you want to celebrate this day with your Scottish friends, you better mark the date on your monthly calendar 2020 right now. You do not want to skip this celebration after all.

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Tax Day on April 15th 

This day is the last day of tax submission to the government. It is applied to both individuals and organizations. It is an obligatory duty for those who live in the USA to pay for their taxes. 

Taxes keep people alive, indirectly. It will not be good if you forget about this day so you would get late to submit your tax. Having a monthly calendar will allow you to mark the date with the details of your activity.

April 2020 Calendar with Holidays

Easter Day on April 12th 

This is a religious holiday as a symbol of the Jesus reborn from the dead. Every Christian country celebrates this day and it even becomes a national holiday in some countries. The date could differ from time to time considering it is not only based on the Gregorian calendar.

People invite their friends over to serve precious yet tasty meals. Some people would feast because Jesus resurrection has brought happiness to every soul. Eggs are the most famous symbol here. It is the symbol of the rebirth.

Bring food if you celebrate this holiday after all. And, if you do not want to miss the Easter, you need to mark your April 2020 calendar so you would not miss the date.